Your Body Loves a Good Sleep

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Your Body Loves a Good Sleep  

Do you get enough sleep? And if you do, would you consider it a good sleep? If your answer is either question is ‘no’, you’re not alone.  More than ⅓ of adults sleep LESS than 6 hours each night.

We all know how good it feels when we DO get a good night’s sleep, don’t we, because quality sleep makes you FEEL good when you wake up. It is just as important as those other life rules such as drinking enough water, getting enough exercise & eating a balanced diet.  So why do we short change sleep & how do we stop giving sleep a back seat on our lists of things that are important?

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The secret is usually found in what you are doing BEFORE your head even hits the pillow.

We are all pretty prone to something called “bedtime procrastination”.  I know – I didn’t realise it was a thing either! I thought procrastination was only something you did if you DIDN’T want to do it. (And seriously, who doesn’t WANT to sleep?).

Sounds a bit made up, but this is what it means: Even when we PLAN on going to bed earlier, the feeling of not having had enough time to relax after work/school can put us in a state of FOMO (fear of missing out). So instead of going to bed, we watch Netflix or stay up a bit longer to do whatever it is you feel like you haven’t had time to do during the day.

Sound familiar? Well, that’s bedtime procrastination! And it’s stopping you from getting some seriously good zzzz’s.

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Other suspects we can point our fingers at are late night meals, emotional conversations before bed, exercising right before bed or long afternoon naps.

Not sure what’s stopping you? 

Start taking notes, that is, start a SLEEP JOURNAL to track your sleep habits.  It will soon tell you you’re not getting enough sleep. You can go old-school & have a notebook or there is even sleep apps out there & some fitness trackers already do this.  Whatever method you choose, the basics are to note when you go to bed & when you wake up.

You can add other things to your notes too such as how you FELT when you woke up, how many TIMES you woke during the night, even what you DREAMT about – it’s completely up to you!

La'dormir Sleep Health and Wellness

A good night time routine should include the following:-

Meanwhile, if you’re tossing & turning, try getting up & leaving the room. I understand the natural instinct is to stay IN bed (after all, rest is rest) but your brain can make an association that this is the right place to be when you have INSOMNIA.  I’m sure we can all agree that we don’t want that!  Bed needs to be the place your brain associates with SLEEP.

Wishing you good nights & days ahead!

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