What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

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What Your Sleeping Position Says About You

Did you know that the position you sleep in can reveal a lot about your personality?

There are many things that can give away clues about a person’s character, and their sleeping position is no exception. There’s a good chance that you’ve got a go-to move during slumber.

Do you sleep on your side, or curled up in a ball? Are you the type of person who likes to have their head on a pillow, or do you sleep with your arms above your head?  Whichever way you sleep, there’s probably a reason why you do it – and it might not be what you think.  

Keep reading to find out what your sleeping position says about you!

what your sleeping position says about your personality

You might not think too much about your sleeping position – you just get comfy, right? Some psychologists suggest that it does however reveal some personality traits and behaviours.

Sleeping Positions And Your Personality

sleep position fetal

  • Sleep Position: Fetal

You lie on your side with your knees bent towards your chest (curled up like a baby – hence, the name). This is the most common sleeping position (particularly among women). It often gives a sense of safety or that you are seeking protection.  You crave to be understood and like to be cared for by others. This position can be linked to those who are sensitive at heart and shy with traits of introversion, but could also give off a tough exterior which is only exposed to protect their kind, sensitive and cuddly self. You are a guarded person who doesn’t open up easily and might have difficulty in trusting people.  Fetal sleepers are often quite personable, but being shy, they tend to be more reserved and cautious. It just takes a little more time to get to know them. You are most comfortable around your family. You enjoy doing things that don’t involve a crowd. You tend to also be more artistic, enjoying activities such as painting, drawing, writing or dancing – anything where you can express yourself.

sleep position side nuturer

  • Sleep Position: Nurturer (Side)

You sleep on your side with perhaps one leg tucked up on top of a pillow whilst you hug it to your chest with one arm and the other is under your head or pillow. You are a natural thinker, in-tune with your emotions be it positive or negative.  You are a calm, reliable, easy-going and active individual who loves helping others.  You are always looking ahead, fearless of the future and not regretting the past. You adapt well to change or situations and are always looking for the silver lining in everything.  You are highly aware of yourself (both good and bad traits) so it’s pretty hard to offend you (because you’re already owning it!). You are often the friendly face found in the crowd.

La'dormir Sleep Health & Wellness

  • Sleep Position: The Log (On Your Side – Both Arms Down)

You lie on your side with both arms straight down. It does sound uncomfortable, doesn’t it? Less than 5% of Australians report sleeping like this, although the saying “.. asleep like a log” suggests you’re comfy and fast asleep, so who knows?! What does it say about you? Apparently you are easy going, social and trusting of others.  You may also be a little bit gullible (sorry!) but you will get along with just about anybody.  You also believe you get plenty of sleep and are healthier than other people who prefer different positions. You might find though that you snore a lot this way. This is because when you’re lying on your back, your throat is more narrow which makes the snoring louder and more frequent. Sleeping on your side will alleviate this.

sleep position yearner

  • Sleep Position: The Yearner (On Your Side – Arms Outstretched)

You are sleeping on your side but with both arms outstretched like you are “yearning” for something such as a close relationship or connection with someone but deep down you fear you won’t get it. Whilst this position seems somewhat open-natured, you are also a little bit suspicious of others.  You are not quick to accept the opinions of others, yet you also don’t try to change their mind.  You are open-minded, complex and cynical (but not as gullible as the Log sleeper) with a rational approach to life. If you sleep like this you very likely are one who takes a bit of time to make a decision, but once made you stick to it. You are a complex beingThis is supposedly a common sleeping position for Baby Boomers.

sleep position stomach freefaller

  • Sleep Position:  The Freefaller (Stomach)

If you’re flat out on your tummy with hands up or under the pillow and your head turned to the side (like a skydiver!).  This is known as the prone position. You are a strong-willed adventurer who is high spirited, a problem solver and not afraid to take risks. You have a sociable nature but you are also not a fan of criticism and tend to be a bit brash, bold and outspoken. Sometimes people might take you for being a bit cold or rude.  But you’re really not! You are a social butterfly and love being loved. You have a friendly warm vibe when you’re feeling at your best which is usually after achieving a good, solid 8 hours of sleep. You prefer to avoid confrontation if possible and will always opt to find middle ground. You’re not great at handling criticism and as you are your worst self-critic, hearing it from others makes you feel insecure. It is also likely that you are Gen X or a Millennial if you position yourself this way. If you’re introverted, they say you will avoid raising your arms in this position.

sleep position soldier back

  • Sleep Position:  The Soldier (Back)

You lie on your back with both arms down by your sides.  It’s not super popular amongst those researched but a fair majority of people actually start out laying on their back before switching to another position.  If you prefer this sleep position, you are quiet and reserved.  With the reference to “Soldier” it suggests you hold yourself and others to high standards. You would most likely prefer to hear the truth rather than a sugar-coated lie.  You work hard and are meticulous, striving to achieve your goals.

sleep position starfish

  • Sleep Position:  The Starfish (Back)

You lie on your back but with both arms and legs outstretched (more men adapt this position than women). You tend to be selfless, giving and always ready to lend a hand as well as being a good listener.  You are also a good communicator, value friendship and are trusting, being open to others.  You are a very likeable person (you’re welcome!) as you are empathetic and supportive.

sleep position stargazer

  • Sleep Position:  The Stargazer (Back)

You lie on your back but with both arms tucked under your head or your pillow.  You are highly optimistic and are very loyal to your friends and family.  You are carefree with a happy-go-lucky attitude. You exude self-confidence and have a free mind and acceptance of the world around you.  You are open minded and seek life experiences.

What your sleep position says about you

  • Sleep Position:  The Freestyler

You change your sleep position every night.  Moving around is actually good for you – otherwise you’d wake up feeling stiff like you would if you’d been stuck sleeping on a plane for a long time. Moving around keeps your muscles supple which helps distribute nutrients and hormones around your body. This also helps providing body parts (like our spinal discs) that don’t have their own blood supply as they decompress and go back to their relaxed shape overnight.  So it is actually true that we are all slightly taller in the morning than when we went to bed the night before.

You can take the above analysis with a huge sprinkling of salt as most of the research conducted was only tested on around 1,000 people who already had an opinion on their own personality when quizzed.  So it’s just a bit of fun.  The most important thing to know is what healthy sleep looks like.  If you’re interested to know what the link is between sleeping position and your health, read our blog Is Your Sleep Position Good For Your Health?

What’s your sleeping position of choice? Do you like to curl up in a ball, stretch out like a starfish, or something in between? Let me know in the comments below – I’m always curious about this kind of stuff. And if you found this post helpful, be sure to share it with your friends!

Wishing you good nights & days ahead.


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