What is Dope Dyeing?

eco colour dye method by bamboo body

What is Dope Dyeing Eco Colour Dye Method?

by Bamboo Body

The usual technique for dying yarn is called “Piece Dyeing”. This is when the yarn is first knitted into the fabric and then dyed as a whole.  Dope Dyeing yarn is the opposite.

With Dope Dyeing the yarn itself is dyed to a pre-selected amount of colours, which are then used to create the desired fabric. In other terms, this method of colouring the fabric means colourant is added at the time the fabric is spun, instead of dyeing the end product.

The colour is then locked in to the fibre which is resistant to fading, has increased colour fastness and vibrancy. It is also highly resistant to UV fade (all of our garments have a UPF rating of 50+).

The fabric will show some colour variations, which naturally happens when the dyeing occurs. This process also helps create the melange or marle effect.

Environmental Impacts

Compared to standard wet dye processing, the dope dyeing technique requires absolutely no water during the process and the use of dye chemicals is reduced. Further, the production company they have worked with on their Eco Colour Collection is Oeko Tex (Standard 100) certified meaning their products are completely free from harmful chemicals and are safe for human use.

Compared to standard processing, dope dyeing:

  • Reduces WATER consumption by 89%
  • Reduces POWER consumption by 64%
  • Reduces CHEMICAL consumption by 63%
  • Reduces ENERGY consumption by 63%
  • Reduces C02 Emissions by 62%
  • Reduces CHEMICAL OXYGEN demand by 67%

The Bamboo Body pyjama range is their first collection made from eco-colour technology.

Check out our Bamboo Body women’s sleepwear nightie in Rose here.  Also available is Bamboo Body men’s sleepwear black chill pants here.


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