We Are Re-Branding!

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We Are Re-Branding!

Hello beautiful customers, I’ve got some exciting news … we are re-branding!

Don’t worry, your favourite sleepwear (& our 5 star customer service that you’ve come to know & trust) is not going anywhere.

We are spreading our wings to include a focus on products that directly support sleep health and wellness.

My journey with Adore Sleep has been personally fulfilling which is largely due to the interaction I have had with my customers & suppliers (you guys are so nice).  The increase of questions received surrounding sleep has highlighted to me a passion I didn’t even realise I had until I started helping others with some tips & tricks on how to achieve a good night’s rest.

So keep your eyes out for some new items such as more magnesium products, supplements and sleep aids as well as more sleep tips.

sleep health magnesium spray

So … without further ado, please welcome our new brand –  La’Dormir Sleep Health & Wellness.

sleep health wellness
La’Dormir (pronounced lah-door-mear – translation “To Sleep”).

Over the next few weeks La’Dormir branding will replace La’Dormir branding across social media platforms. The website changes will be minimal & should not cause any disruptions.

I look forward to continuing to provide to you our 5 star customer service and as always, any help I can be to you, please let me know.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for all your support.

Wishing you good nights & days ahead,


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