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We Are Re-Branding!

rebranding blog title

We Are Re-Branding! Hello beautiful customers, I’ve got some exciting news … we are re-branding! Don’t worry, your favourite sleepwear (& our 5 star customer service that you’ve come to know & trust) is not going anywhere. We are spreading our wings to include a focus on products that directly support sleep health and wellness. […]

4 Easy Stretches That Will Help You Sleep

easy stretches to help you sleep

4 Easy Stretches That Will Help You Sleep There are a lot of things that can contribute to a good night’s sleep, but one often-overlooked factor is stretching. Stretches before bed can help reduce tension in the body, promote relaxation and ultimately help you sleep. It’s a good idea to focus on stretching the muscles […]

The Best Essential Oils For Sleep

pure essential oils

The Best Essential Oils For Sleep Aromatherapy may be just what the Naturopath ordered and using essential oils is fast becoming a preferred (natural) remedy for all sorts of ills. Getting to sleep (& staying asleep) is more important now than ever.  Your brain is constantly on during this technology loaded world we live in, […]

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