How To Practice Self Care for Sleep

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How To Practice Self Care for Sleep

Self care for sleep:  If someone asked you what would you wish for, what would you say? You might say money, fame, longer legs … a new car, bigger house, a better job.  And if you had any or all of these, what else would you want?  It can depend on your current situation of what you might wish for… what is currently worrying you & at the forefront of your mind?  For those with financial problems, then sure – it’s money. For those that are lonely, it might be love or friendship. For those who are sick or have a loved one who is unwell, it might be for good health.

The one I’d like to focus on today is where you want to feel at peace with your life and just be happy.

A happier, healthier life.

self care for sleep

When times are difficult, it’s easy to neglect both your physical and mental health, so when you hear the term ‘SELF CARE’, that’s what we’re trying to protect.  But not only PROTECT your physical and mental health, but it’s also important to DEVELOP it, MAINTAIN it and IMPROVE it.

self care for sleep

So how do we do that in this crazy, busy, instantaneous world we all live in? 

We don’t want to appear LAZY by taking time out for ourselves – but that’s ludicrous!  If you own a car, you maintain it.  You put petrol in it.  You wash it.  You clean out the rubbish sitting on the back seat or in the cup holders.  You make sure it’s running well as you don’t want it to break down on you.  And once your car starts getting a bit old or run-down, you might just simply buy another one.  Can you do that with your body?  If it’s not looked after or getting a bit old, can you just trade it in for a better one?  Nope.  Self care is SO important.  If you want your body to last the distance, you HAVE to look after it and give it CARE.

So to be the best version of yourself, you need to look after YOU!

self care for sleep

8 SELF Care Tips:-

  1. Drinking plenty of water
  2. Reducing alcohol consumption
  3. Getting some fresh air and natural light – take a walk!
  4. Eating a balanced diet (sure, the bad stuff always tastes good going in, but you’re often left feeling sluggish later.  Am I right?)
  5. Hang out with friends and family (although if seeing these people changes your mood or gives you anxiety, don’t go!)
  6. Have some ‘me’ time – don’t feel guilty about it! 30 minutes soaking in a bath or chilling out watching a show is not going to hurt anyone.
  7. Do things you enjoy (yes we all have responsibilities but spend time doing something that gives you joy such as baking, running, reading etc is worth doing.)
  8. Get some SLEEP – find out how here.  Sleep is undoubtedly the most important!  It affects your psychological health, your metabolism, your cardiovascular health and your immune system.  Sleep is the GOLDEN ticket!

self care for sleep

7 SLEEP Care Tips:-

  1. A good morning routine.  Waking up at a similar time each day helps keep your circadian rhythm (your body clock) running. Getting some natural light in the morning helps wake you up as well.
  2. Avoid caffeine at least 4 hours before bed.  Some might say longer – depends on you as we’re all different as to how our body reacts to caffeine.  Cut it off at a certain time so that it doesn’t make it harder to switch off later for bedtime.
  3. A nurturing bedroom environment. If your bedroom is cool (20*C is perfect), quiet, dark, clutter free and you have a comfy bed, you are setting yourself up right!
  4. Relax before bed.  That means no screens (phones, TV’s, laptops). Social media updates or work emails can wait! Read a book, listen to music, do some gentle stretching and practice mindfulness so your brain knows it’s time to wind down.
  5. Don’t use alcohol to help you sleep.  It may initially relax you but it’ll disrupt your sleep cycle and you’ll wake up more during the night.
  6. Have a notepad and pen next to your bed.  If you’re worrying about something, or don’t want to forget to do something tomorrow, just jot it down.
  7. A good night time routine.  As humans, we thrive on routine so keep it consistent.  If you’re a parent, this is the advice you would have followed to get your baby settled at night – same for us all!  Line up your routine so your body knows the signs that sleep is coming ie. warm bath, soothing drink, brushing teeth, reading your book …. zzzzzzzz
Wishing you good nights & days ahead!

self care for sleep self care for sleep self care for sleep

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