How to Wake Up Early (& Not Feel Tired)

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How to Wake up Early (& not feel tired).

Ever wondered how you can check off your TO-DO list or get a head start on your day?  Stop procrastinating … the secret is to learn how to wake up early.  But how do you do that without feeling tired?  Read on to find out how to wake up early and not feel tired.

wake up early stop procrastinating

When I was younger (and we’re not going to explore now how long ago that was!) I would wake up early (around 4.30am).  Firstly, I would have something light to eat then I would drive 25 minutes to my gym and go for a 30 minute run before it opened at 6am.  After working out until 7am, I would take a shower there and then be on my way to work.

I feel a little bit exhausted just by reading that now – I am certainly not that dedicated anymore!

Did I love getting up early to do this?  Yes and no.

I don’t consider myself a morning person to be completely honest with you.  However, I do enjoy feeling fit and healthy.  Knowing I had successfully ticked exercise off my list before sitting down at work all day made me feel good.  It was the motivation of ‘knowing how I’d feel later’ that pushed me to get up early.  Naturally I would be in bed early too (by 8.30pm) and this helped.

There are many benefits to having the discipline to wake up early, if not only to have that sense of achievement because this will set your day up for success.

In my case, it was to exercise so I didn’t feel guilty about sitting on my backside for the rest of the day.

A very valid and simple reason also is that life is HECTIC.  That extra hour could be the difference between you feeling on top of things compared to you feeling feeling deflated or overwhelmed.

For most of us, there isn’t just enough time in the day to get ALL THE THINGS done.

Fast forward to now and I am not in the habit of getting up early.  It’s also safe to admit that I am not getting everything I need to get done during the day either.

It feels overwhelming which makes me feel stressed and tired.

I do NOT like feeling like this (I doubt many people do) so I’ve decided I’m going to give getting up early again another go.

I will assume that you also are curious as to how you can change your sleep schedule so this is what I’m going to share with you today.

How to Wake Up Early in the Morning and Not Feel Tired!

Here we go!

wake up early stop procrastinating


You may have read other articles about the everyday habits of successful people (eg. CEO of a big company) and just about every one will say they start their day early but because mostly we are just everyday people, we think waking up early is not really needed … because we’re not running a big, important company.  But this is where your good morning habit goes to die before it’s even had time to take its first breath.

Advantages Gained When You Wake up Early

Important “Me Time”

It’s quiet. You can hear your thoughts.  You can have breakfast, have a cup of coffee, meditate, write your to-do list for the day, go to the gym, make the school lunches in peace, listen to a pod-cast, put a load of washing through or plan dinner while the rest of your household and the world outside is asleep.  It is time for yourself.  PS. You need that.

Improved Concentration 

You will find that waking up early helps you stay focused for longer during the day.  I hear you say “yeah but I’ll be tired from the getting up early part”.  You won’t.  You’ll most likely be in a better, more positive mood because you’ll be ticking things off your to-do list and that is a BIG move for your mental health because the feeling of achievement – no matter how big or small the task is – positively affirms to your brain that you are winning.  Besides, your brain is at its best early in the morning and you’ll get into the habit of doing these things. You’ll find these tasks become the makings of a well-oiled machine (ie. faster, better, more efficient).

Better Sleep Quality

I know it almost hurts waking up early and you think you’re missing out on sleep and you’re going to be so tired later and you’ll be snappy and maybe grumpy … but waking up early improves the quality of your sleep.  How?  Well, believe it or not, people have done it for hundreds of years and we are actually wired to wake up early because, as mentioned above, our brain operates at its best early in the morning.  We can blame the invention of TV, smart phones and the snooze button for believing that getting up early isn’t possible.  It is possible.

More Organised

Instead of scrolling through Facebook or Pinterest while you’re having your breakfast, why not jot down your To-Do list for the day?  You will feel more organised JUST by doing this alone.  I read a great tip on how to best prioritise your To-Do list.  Write as much as you can down, then pick your top 3 tasks to do today.  If you do only one of them, the next two will be at the top of your list for tomorrow and so forth.


It is the perfect time to motivate yourself.  Research suggests that people learn best once they have fully woken up.  You still have the energy to understand and retain new information.

If you’re like me and want to kick start your day with exercise, then first thing in the morning is considered to be perfect timing.

A Harvard Medical School Journal states that working out causes your brain to secrete a chemical called neurotrophic factor. This chemical boosts brain function. Exercising in the morning will increase your mental and physical stamina. This provides energy, boosts motivation and leads to increased overall productivity.

wake up early stop procrastinating

Waking up early will help YOU and YOUR life.  If you’re feeling happy and positive, it’s contagious to those around you.

Like any other habit, it is achievable & takes consistency.

Consistently go to bed at the same time (it might have to be a bit earlier now if you’re getting up earlier) and consistently wake up at the same time.

Trust me, your body will get used to it and you will start feeling so much better that you actually won’t mind.

Wishing you good nights and days ahead.


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