A Welcome Note from our Founder


A Welcome Note from our Founder

Welcome! THANK YOU for visiting La’Dormir!

Hi there, and welcome to La’Dormir! My name is Vicki and I am the Founder.

I live in the leafy Hills District of Sydney, NSW with my husband, four sons and two dogs.  It gets a little bit crazy sometimes but that’s the way we like it!

My motivation for creating La’Dormir stemmed from my early childhood. 

My grandmother made me a nightie. 

She was a fantastic sewer and she made me many outfits growing up (most of them matching my cousins who had the same but in a different colour – mine was normally navy which still to this day is my favourite colour to wear).

My other grandmother was a talented knitter and although she didn’t knit me pyjamas (that could be an interesting new trend!) she always smelt so good after having a shower.  She would then put on her soft dressing gown which I loved getting hugs in or in Summer her “brunch coat” which was a lightweight button up short sleeve dress she’d wear over her nightie

She definitely had a routine that sent an unspoken message of “it’s the end of the day … it is time to relax and get comfortable”. 

Needless to say, my love of pyjamas and feeling comforted pretty much went hand in hand. 

My Mum had a knack of finding THE most comfy pyjamas around.  When I was six years old we moved from Brisbane to Sydney and she was not a fan of being cold (still isn’t!). 

We would have everything from hot water bottles to fluffy dressing gowns and woolly bed socks to keep the chill away. Coming home from school to find a new pair of pyjamas sitting on my bed absolutely MADE. MY. DAY.   This wasn’t something that would happen often either – usually seasonally or if I’d had a growth spurt – so it was definitely something I appreciated and considered pretty special.

Putting on my pj’s after having a bath always made me feel like the weight of the world had just been lifted. 

It was like having a big, warm hug that said “Everything’s OK – you can breath out now”. 

And in pyjamas, you can because, well… “elastic”. 😉  I would happily wear pyjamas all day if I could. 

Now as a mother of four and living with the stresses of a modern world, it’s the first thing that I do if I’m feeling tired or overwhelmed.  It’s also what I suggest to my kids if they’re feeling the same way. 

“Why don’t you have a shower, put your pyjamas on & see if that makes you feel a bit better”. 

I have sons & also learnt from my mother that boys need (a lot of) food so having plenty of food and snacks on hand definitely helps as well.

But hey, I know pyjamas don’t fix all the problems.  Wouldn’t that be so easy if they did?!  I have learnt though that a relaxed mind can help untangle emotions, put everything into a better perspective which will then allow clearer thoughts to come through.  It’s definitely worth a try, right?

Feeling comforted, supported and loved …. I am truly grateful that I grew up feeling that way and pyjamas remind me of that ❤.   

I honestly love the creature comforts of home and am a very BIG supporter of buying from Australian businesses.  So if you do too and also like a little bit of pampering, you are absolutely in the right place!  You are HOME, friend! 

Thank you so much for dropping by 😊 and a big high five from me to you for supporting a small Australian business!  If you ever want to say hello or reach out, you can always drop me an email to service@ladormir.com.au.  I love hearing from people and am always happy to help if I can. 

I hope that you enjoy browsing through our shop and that you find something special that you or someone you love can look forward to receiving.

Thank you so much for your support! 🥰

Wishing you good days & nights ahead,


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